The story behind M.

I am M.

I am a Mushroom Maniac, that won't surprise you. I love Wild Flavors. Exciting flavors from nature. I will tell you why...

Within my family business we have been growing and distributing exotic mushrooms, Asian vegetables and fruits for over 12 years.

I have already mastered setting up the largest indoor cultivation production of exotic mushrooms in Europe. Together with my friends from Japan and Korea, I grow the very best shiitake and eryngii mushrooms in bottles. Around 1.6 million bottles are in production 24/7. The whole process designed for the very best conditions and time, a lot of time.. sometimes 140 days.

I can go faster, but I don't want to. I wait until they have the right taste. And then, when the best structure and maximum taste have been reached. Then.... and only then I pick them. One by one, by hand. Only then they are good enough.

Quality and taste are pretty much "my middle name". Take, for example, the paksoi. It has to crack when you bite on it. I personally like the M. Paksoi the best. More people do, as I am the market leader in these crazy veggies. I supply them in all sizes and packaging throughout the globe. Take a look at your local supermarket, that's where you can find them! If not, call me and I’ll work on it!

Would you like to come and taste them in our demo kitchen in Maasdijk? We do this all the time with customers and suppliers, so choose a date!

Do you feel me... Take look at my products.

Below are my contact details. You can also follow me on social media. I'm active on there as well.

Are you curious about who I am?

I am M.


Challenge the status quo. Kick ass!
Discover new frontiers. Show guts.
Just to deliver the most mouthwatering mushrooms nature has to offer.
Because that’s what mushroom maniacs do. That’s what true passion is all about.

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We sow, we grow and we reap, in a smart and sustainable way. We nurse, we nurture and nourish using revolutionary technologies with utmost respect to mother nature..

Facts & Figures

Products 210 Always available
Import/export 29 countries
Employees 284 Worldwide
Indoor m2 26K Production
Location m2 5K Office and warehouse

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