Easy mushroom Summer salad

Delicious & healthy!

Bring the summer to your plate with this delicious healthy summer salad from Mitrofresh. This makes my Mushroom Maniac heart beat faster!

This is how I do it. Watch my cooking video.

Ingredients for 2 people:
2 x M. Luxe Mix (150 grams each) with M. Shimeji, M. Shiitake and M. Oyster mushrooms
1 zucchini
1 bag of cherry tomatoes
1 bag of lamb's lettuce
1 bag of cashew nuts
Honey mustard dressing (or 2 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp mustard & a dash of olive oil)
Olive oil
Pepper and salt to taste


I prepared this dish on the barbecue, but you can also make it in your kitchen. Whatever you want!

1. Open the M. Luxe Mix and take out the mushrooms. The mushrooms do not need to be washed. You can clean them with a brush if necessary.
2. Cut off the nutrient base from the M. Shimeji's and separate the mushrooms.
3. Slice the M. Shiitake. You can remove the hard stem if necessary.
4. Tear the M. Oyster mushrooms.
5. Slice the zucchini and place it on the barbecue (or on a grill pan).
6. Put the mushrooms in aluminum container (or on a grill pan) and marinate with oil, pepper and salt. Place on the barbecue.
7. Marinate cherry tomatoes with oil, pepper and salt in aluminum container and place on barbecue (or on grill pan).
8. Meanwhile, make the honey mustard dressing.
9. Is everything cooked? Time to finish the salad!


1. Place the zucchini on the edge of the plate
2. Put a handful of lamb's lettuce next to it
3. Put the mushroom mixture on top of the lettuce
4. Spread the cherry tomatoes on top
5. Handful of cashew nuts
6. And lots of honey mustard dressing

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This is how I do it. Watch my cooking video!

Cooking video
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