Shii-Take ragout
on a leaf of Pak choy

1 mini pak choy
300 grams Shii-take (or a mixture of other mushrooms)
1 onion
30 grams (cream) butter
3 tbsp flower
300 ml broth (optionally vegetable or mushroom broth)
salt and pepper

Clean the mushrooms, remove the stalks from the Shiitake. Cut the mushrooms into four parts and set them aside. Clean and chop the onion. Heat the butter on medium heat, don't let it brown! Then add the onion and let it fry for a while.
Heat the mushrooms in another pan for about 5 minutes, until the Shii-Take is soft and has shrunk considerably.
If the onion smells good, add the flour. Stir well! Let it brown. Then add a dash of stock. Stir well until you have a thick porridge. Spoon the mushrooms with the sauce and stir.
until you have an even sauce and let it boil down very gently.
Taste the ragout and add some pepper and salt to taste.

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