Tortilla pizza with M. Chestnut mushrooms

M. Flavorite!

This tortilla pizza is one of my flavorites though! It's actually not a pizza, and not a flammkuchen, but who cares. It's inexpensive, tastes great and snacks away.

A real Mushroom Maniac throws this one nicely full of M. mushrooms!

Ingredients for 2 persons

1 cup M. Chestnut mushrooms
4 tortillas (can you eat 2 p.p, yes you can!)
200 ml crème fraîche
1 red onion
1 clove of garlic
200 grams Parmesan cheese
(garlic) oil
Salt and pepper to taste


1. Slice the M. Chestnut mushrooms.
2. Cut the red onion into rings.
3. Press the garlic.

4. Spread the tortilla with crème fraîche.
5. Place the red onion, garlic and M. Chestnut Mushroom slices on top.
6. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.
7. Little pepper and salt to taste

8. Put in an oven (250 degrees C) for 5 minutes.
9. Pour some (garlic) oil over the pizza ... and you're done!

Tip: Serve the pizza with a handful of rucola.


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