Vegetarian M. Portobello burger

Every day burger day! I love mushrooms. And burgers. With this vegetarian Portobello burger, I combine my two loves on one bun. Try my M. Portobello burger on the toaster, in the grill pan or on the BBQ!

Ingredients for 2 burgers
2 M. Portobello's
2 buns
1 onion
1 tomato
2 slices of cheese
Olive oil
Lettuce of your choice

Pepper and salt to taste


1. Heat the grill.
2. Clean the M. Portobello (if necessary) with a brush or damp piece of kitchen paper.
3. Let's start! Place the M. Portobello's and onion on grill and add olive oil. Fry for about 2-3 minutes and turn over.
4. In the last two minutes, add the buns to the grill. And place the cheese on top of the M. Portobello's.
5. Wait until the cheese is melted and..... it's done!

Build up burgers:
Bun > mayonnaise > lettuce > tomato > cucumber > M. Portobello > onion > sauce > bun. 

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